At Alta Solutions we provide business consulting services to companies in order to be as effective and efficient as possible in performing our activities, all with the aim of increasing the company’s revenues and profits.

Business, strategic and operational consulting services...

... we focus on a practical approach and result orientation.

Management Consulting

Providing advice and assistance regarding management-related activities.

Objective: To find out how individuals and teams do their job through on-site monitoring


  • Established mode of operation;
  • Established mode of communication;
  • Gained insight into the level of development of managerial skills;
  • Defined problems that employees face and ways to overcome them;
  • Identified critical points related to the functioning of the business`sprocess (communication, teamwork, nature of process and procedure).

Objective: To present the current situation in the company in an objective way.

  • Description of the current situation-general impression;
  • Current job description;
  • Competence;
  • Definition of organizational structures;
  • Analysis of the current situation.

Objective: To improve or change the current way of working.

  • New job description;
  • Defining new jobs;
  • Defining the necessary competencies;
  • Defining the organizational structure;
  • Defining KPIs.

Objective: To implement the defined measures as easily as possible.

  • Control over how defined measures are implemented and new ways of working introduced;
  • If necessary – make the necessary corrections.

Objective: To get a realistic picture of income, expenses and real realization.

Establishing New Companies

This segment is intended for foreign companies coming to the Serbian market, as well as support for domestic companies in these areas. Complete support in founding companies in terms of:
  • Operational management of the entire registration process;
  • Finding partners for legal issues;
  • Finding partners for financial, accounting and tax issues;
  • Finding employees;
  • Office finds;
  • Finding an adequate ERP solution;
  • Finding an adequate partner for e-commerce solutions;
  • Finding an adequate partner for infrastructure issues;
  • Market analysis;
  • Making a plan for market expansion;
  • Market expansion;
  • All types of advertising;
  • Other business related issues.


The Alta Solutions team is made up of experienced professionals and talented and ambitious young people.

Business Consulting - Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about business consulting.

Providing advice and assistance regarding management-related activities. This usually includes finding and researching problems or opportunities, recommending appropriate solutions, and helping to implement solutions.

  • Finding problems;
  • Recommendation of solutions;
  • Assistance in implementing the solution.
  • Lack of adequate staff;
  • The need for new ideas;
  • Because of company policy;
  • The need to improve sales;
  • The need for capital;
  • State regulations;
  • The need for maximum efficiency;
  • The need to find problems and provide solutions;
  • The need for employee training;
  • The need for major business turnarounds;
  • Special knowledge and techniques;
  • Current assistance in a specific area;
  • The need for objective and impartial opinion;
  • Justification of decisions made before the board of directors;
  • Need for organizational / individual learning;
  • When there is no defined business plan;
  • Inexplicably low morale;
  • Constant cost growth;
  • Everyday liquidity problem;
  • Delay problems;
  • Loss of market position;
  • Employees work too hard;
  • Excessive work without achieving goals;
  • Continuous weak supply;
  • Lack of information on competition from the market;
  • Lack of knowledge to move the company to the next stage of development;
  • Can you add value to a company?
  • Will your expertise make it easier for the company to achieve its goals?
  • Can you help the company work more effectively?
  • Will you save the company time in implementing the solution?
  • Can you do the job responsibly and efficiently in the agreed budget?
  • Initial phase – introduction;
  • Diagnosing problems;
  • Planning activities to solve problems;
  • Solution implementation;
  • Project completion;
  • There is no difference, it’s just a semantic difference, and we use different words for the same terms.
  • Consultant hours / days;
  • Lump sum (defines the number of hours during the month, how many consultants are available to the client);
  • Based on performance;
  • Fixed price
  • Strategic consulting;
  • Management consulting;
  • Operational consulting:
  • Operativni konsalting:
    1. Sales;
    2. Marketing;
    3. Production;
  • HR consulting;
  • Financial consulting;
  • IT consulting.
  • Ability to identify the problem (diagnosis);
  • Ability to find solutions, to solve problems;
  • Knowledge and technical expertise;
  • Communication skills;
  • Marketing and sales skills;
  • Skills management;
  • Empathy.


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