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Whether you have e-commerce or want to start them, e-commerce will surely bring an increase in traffic and profit to your company.

Goal: Long-term plan of performance, development, turnover, costs and profits.


  • Market research and competition on the Internet;
  • Clear definition of market performance;
  • Connecting with the target group of clients / customers;
  • Turnover, cost and profit plan

Goal: Find the most adequate platform for e-commerce according to your needs.


  • Quick start of e-commerce;
  • Integration with ERP systems (business software);
  • Integration with card payment banks;
  • Integration with courier services;
  • Automatic tracking of stocks, creation of invoices and returns with accompanying legal documentation;
  • Reduction of manual labor, human error, higher level of automation and control;
  • UX / UI design and optimization, customized look and functionality of your online store so that they are simple for the customer in order to make the purchase process as easy as possible;
  • Easy and simple management of prices, promotions and offers in accordance with your needs and the needs of the customer;
  • Integration with external marketing services (CRM, Google data feed, Facebook Catalog, affiliate and price comparing sites, newsletter services);
  • Reporting and analytics with the aim of increasing sales and profits.

Objective: To form an optimal and functional organizational structure of e-commerce.


  • Organizational chart;
  • Job descriptions;
  • Defining the necessary competencies;
  • Defining KPIs;
  • Mutual satisfaction of the company and employees in e-commerce.

Objective: Satisfaction of users / customers on the Internet and easy care for them.


  • Establishment of a call center;
  • Defining and controlling scenarios for communication with customers;
  • Sales of related products or services;
  • Increasing the average value of the basket and sales;
  • Process optimization and call center automation;
  • Reporting and creating an action plan in accordance with the reports.

Objective: To increase the average value of the basket and sales through continuous care for active customers and activation of old customers (retention).


  • Clearly defined steps of communication with the buyer after the sale;
  • Clearly defined benefits for regular customers;
  • Benefits for old customers who are activated;
  • Achieving the highest possible customer value (LTV – lifetime value);
  • Increase e-commerce traffic and profits.

Digital Marketing

Advertising on Google, social networks (Facebook and Instagram), email marketing

Goal: Long-term plan of performance and development.


  • Defining the target group;
  • Clear goals and tools to reach them;
  • Using only those digital channels that benefit the client;
  • Clear differentiation of customers in relation to the competition;
  • Reporting and monitoring the implementation of the strategy.

Goal: Achieve as much return on investment (ROI) as possible.


  • Segmentation of campaigns and ad groups;
  • Writing sales advertisements that convert;
  • Clearly defined keywords;
  • Click cost optimization;
  • Conversion cost optimization;
  • Display of campaigns based on customer location (Location extensions);
  • Google My Business setup and optimization;
  • Return on investment from 3 to 10 times (depending on the industry, competition and type of product or service).

Goal: Reach as large, adequate, audience and increase sales through social networks.


  • Rule posted profiles and pages on Facebook and Instagram;
  • Creating a visual performance (visuals, animations, banners, videos);
  • Writing a copy (caption) that sells;
  • Defined types of campaigns and rules when used through Ads Manager;
  • Reporting and defining the action plan based on the data obtained in the reports;
  • Specific target group;
  • Cost optimization through A / B testing and segmentation.

Objective: To increase the base of contacts and customers in order to increase sales.


  • Creating a strategy to increase the base of contacts and clients;
  • Automation of sending email campaigns;
  • Personalization of email campaigns;
  • Creating cart abandonment campaigns;
  • Database compliant with the Law on Personal Data Protection;
  • Satisfied contacts and clients.

SEO optimization

Optimize your site to always be at the top of Google search

Objective: Clearly defined keywords and phrases that explain your business to a potential customer / client applied to your site.


  • Keyword research and list;
  • Google first page research for keywords and phrases:
  • Defining keywords and phrases.

Goal: A site adapted to SEO rules and the latest trends dictated by Google.


  • Writing Meta page titles;
  • Writing Meta page descriptions;
  • Clear generation of site structure (URL building);
  • Internal linking;
  • External linking;
  • Alt photo tags;
  • Writing the content and texts of the site in accordance with the defined keywords.

Objective: Write content that is acceptable to the visitor, that sells, that is optimized for search engines.


  • Content writing;
  • Creating charts;
  • Creating lists;
  • Proper definition and use of X tags.

Goal: Better position on Google with backlinks from other sites.


  • Competition research;
  • Creating a list of potential sites to create backlinks to the site;
  • Collecting bids and defining budgets;
  • Clearly defined positions for backlinks on other sites;
  • Reporting through Google Analytics and Google Search Console;
  • Creating an action plan to continue creating backlink strategies.

Creating presentation sites (WordPress)

Website development on the WordPress platform.

Goal: Choose a domain name according to the brand or business and reliable hosting.

Goal: Creating a site that is visually dominant and attractive to the visitor.

Goal: Optimize the site to run fast for better Google rankings and user experience.

Goal: Optimize your site for better ranking on Google.


The Alta Solutions team is made up of experienced professionals and talented and ambitious young people.


Nemanja Kandić

Senior Partner and E-commerce & Digital Consultant

E-commerce Development | Digital Marketing | SEO Optimization |  Development of Presentation Sites

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Ivica Đurić

E-commerce and Digital Specialist

Facebook and Instagram Specialist | Google Ads Specialist

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Bojana Kljaić

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Jelena Dugalić Milašinović

Senior Web & Graphic Designer

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Emilija Jovanović

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Miloš Milošević

SEO Specialist


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E-commerce and Digital Marketing - Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about e-commerce, digital marketing, SEO optimization and website design.

One of the most important things in e-commerce is the readiness of the organization to change, to go beyond the framework and change the processes and habits within the company. In addition to this, it is very important:

  • Arrangement of master data;
  • Good platform for online sales;
  • Clearly defined pricing policy;
  • Quality user experience (visual, assortment and functional);
  • Customer care.

If we know that in Slovenia one inhabitant spends 10 times more per year buying online than in Serbia, while in Great Britain he spends up to 100 times more than in Serbia, it is clear how much space there is for traders from Serbia for progress and growth. Let’s add the following reasons to all this:

  • You can sell to the whole world;
  • The store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year;
  • Raising brand awareness;
  • Personalization;
  • Saving time for the customer;
  • Cost savings for the company;
  • Transparency.

No. A customer who buys online is either the one who always does it or the one who at that time has a more convenient way of shopping (he is out of the country, he has no time, he does not want to go to the store). If such a customer does not find what he needs in your online store (you do not have an online sale or give a product or service) he will buy the desired product or service from the competition.

Digital marketing, unlike any other branch of marketing, is the only one that can be measured in a simple way. In digital marketing, we always know how many people saw our ad, how many of them visited our site and how many of them bought something on our site. We also know what they bought, what categories and products they looked at as well as how many of them gave up the purchase.

In addition to all of the above, we also know who our audience is, visitors and customers, how old they are, where they come from and what their interests are.

In the end, we know exactly how much it costs for one person to see us, for one person to visit our site and how much it costs us to make one purchase on our site.

Data from the Serbian market show that the drop in the website of one trader at 8 pm caused a drop in the retail network by as much as 60%.

It is ideal to have integrated communication and market presence and most importantly to customers and clients, the synergy of offline and online and in this way to achieve even better results together.

The main difference is that with Google Searc ads, the potential customer already has a need and we offer our products or services to him when he searches the Internet.

With ads on Facebook and Instagram, we create that need and tell a story to the customer, which only after a while results in a sale.

In short, Google Search ads are one big step closer to sales than social media.

This does not mean that you should not advertise on Facebook and Instagram, but that each ad channel and its tools should be used in accordance with their capabilities and with the needs of business.

SEO stands for “search engine optimization” or search engine optimization. Simply optimizing your site so that your important keywords are in the best possible position on Google so that your site gets as much organic, or free, traffic as possible. As a result, your business gets more customers and clients.

Of the total number of clicks that occur on Google search, as many as 71% occur on the first page of the search, ie in the first 10 results on the search.

The first result on Google search has a CTR (click trought rate – the ratio of views and clicks on a search result) of as much as 31.7%.

The first result on Google search is 10 times more likely to be clicked than the 10th result.

An improvement by one position among the top 10 positions can lead to an increase in CTR of as much as 30.8%.

Nowadays, we get all the information by searching for the desired word or phrase on the Internet.

If your company does not have a website, potential customers and clients have almost no way to find you and your business.

If all the information (content and design) is available, the creation of a WordPress site takes up to 4 weeks.


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